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The purpose of this web site is to provide a place for people to share their experiences with children on the insulin pump. The insulin infusion pump is a viable and wonderful alternative to injections for insulin delivery to children with diabetes.

This web site is dedicated to every child who lives everyday with diabetes. You children deserve a healthy, carefree, fun life. You are all my heroes and I admire all you do every day to keep yourselves healthy and strong.

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My son, Zachary, was diagnosed with diabetes on February 18, 1989, at the tender toddler age of 15 months. After six years of countless injections, rigid exchange diet, clock watching, and uncontrolled blood sugars (not from a lack of trying), Zachary went on the Disetronic insulin pump in July of 1995, at the sweet age of 7-1/2 years old. Today, I can tell you that these have been the best 4+ years of our lives since the initial diagnosis. His blood sugars are infinitely more controllable. His life is once again carefree and spontaneous. He eats when and what he wants to (within reason). He has more energy than ever before. He is no longer obsessed with food. Best of all, he loves the pump.

The insulin pump is not the cure, it's not without frustrations, but it is LIBERATING!

Pumping insulin involves a regimen of troubleshooting and can be extremely frustrating because while you want your child's blood sugars always in the target zone, it is still diabetes and that means highs and lows. Kids can have soaring high blood sugars (and keotacidocis) if not watched carefully, if you go too long between site changes, pump malfunction.... The child has to be very responsible and test blood frequently in school and at friends' houses, and you as the parent have to watch over the pump. Zachary is famous for telling me his pump has 5 units left five minutes before time to leave for school....

When it works well, which it does for us most of the time, it's fabulous.

If you have a child's pump story to add please e-mail it to me and I will post it to this web site. Thank you for empowering others to know they have a choice for their children.

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This site is also dedicated to my husband, Jeffry, who thought he was introducing me to the www and now considers it my irrational obsession. (He's right, "thanks honey!") I also want to thank my children Zachary and Sasha, "I love, adore and cherish you two treasures, and thanks for letting me have the computer most of the time!"

Ellen H. Ullman
Mom, Webmaster, Friend, Advocate for children who have diabetes and their parents

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