3 Year Old Will

My name is Kathy Spain and I am the mother of Will, who is 8 years old. At the age of 2, Will was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. After a year of struggling with multiple insulin injections, very labile blood sugars, and being glued to a rigid schedule, we put Will on an insulin pump. Our doctor was convinced a 3 year old was too young to wear one, but was willing to let us try it. To say the least we have been thrilled with insulin pump therapy! Now, 5 years later, I have nothing but encouraging things to say about it.

I do have to admit the first month after starting pump therapy was the most challenging for us. It takes time to adjust basal levels, but once that was accomplished, Will's control has been excellent. His HbA1C's have steadied out in the low 6's, with only occasional highs and lows. We no longer have wide swings in blood sugars, Will is free to eat when he wants, and he is not tied to a rigid schedule. Probably the best thing for me is seeing how much better he feels.

I feel so strongly about insulin pumping for kids that I wrote a book on the subject to share our experiences and tips with others. I am a RN, diabetes educator and certified pump trainer, and my book was written to help parents understand insulin pump therapy. The book was published by Animas Corporation, but it is useful for any type of pump. To order a free copy call 1 877 YES PUMP, ext. 1132 or e-mail comments@animascorp.com. The book is called Kids, Insulin Pumps, and You...A Parent's Guide to Insulin Pump Therapy for Kids.

If you are considering an insulin pump for your child I highly recommend giving it a try. Feel free to e-mail me, Spainrk@direcway.com, anytime if you have questions.

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