Travis's Difficult Struggle

My name is Travis and I am 15 years old. I have had diabetes since 1990 of February and had no problems of until 2 years ago. I was admitted to the I.C.U. in January of 1996. I was admitted 12 times over the year of 96 and at least 6 more over the year of 97. At the end of January of 98 in was admitted "again" to an intermediate hospital. In the 11 days I spent in the hospital the Dr. found that my skin cells were destroying the insulin before it was able to reach the skin cells.

We had asked the Dr. about an insulin pump, but he would decline it at every corner until Jan of 98. Then he was at wits end at what to try next so we did the PUMP thing. They came to the hospital during the 11 days. They trained my parents and me. I think I caught on quicker than  my parents did!

At first it was a little hard getting the basal rates programmed but with the help of the doctor and the peoples at MiniMed, I was able to have a life! I was out of school for a year and a half but now am finally able to go back to school with my friends. I can also go to the parties I was never able to because worried parents. I had not grown or gained any weight in over 2 years and than when i received the PUMP I grew 1 half inches and gained 31 lbs. I have the FREEDOM that was taken away. I took a lot of hard work to get the PUMP, but with hard work and the determination it was definitely worth every little bit!

I would also like to think the person(s) who run this page and to all the people of MiniMed. In addition to those people, I would also like to thank my so so helpful parents, friends and the doc who helped me.

Travis Beard

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