Shannon's loving her pump! (age 6)

My daughter Shannon was diagnosed with diabetes in 1999 at the age of 4. We started her on pump therapy in 2002 when she was 6.

Shannon loves her pump!! She was very resistant in the beginning refusing to start pump therapy but my husband and I told her that we felt this would be the best for her and at the age of 6 she couldn't dictate to us what was best for her. Well, 3 weeks into pump therapy Shannon announced that "I feel like a regular kid now and that this is the best present I ever received!!) How's that for a pump endorsement??

Having the pump has not been a bed of roses though. Initially it was very difficult with the pump as the infusion set kept on coming undone. We were changing it about once every day but I kept telling myself that this was the best thing for Shannon and if we could just get through this initial period we would be okay. Well, 1 year later we are doing great and we change the site about every 3 days. Shannon eats whatever she wants (within reason of course) and controls the pump on her own.

My advise is if you just started pumping and things are difficult, STICK with it, it will get bettter!!!Shannon can't imagine life without her pump now and quite frankly neither can I. It's just so much easier!!

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