Nicki's Story

When I first mentioned getting a pump to my daughter Nicki, she was less than enthusiastic. I didn't push the issue, but I would occasionally tell her about things I had read online. I was excited about the prospect of better control, however, the thing that really sparked her interest was when she learned she would be able to sleep late if she had a pump. If I would have told her that in the first place, she would have wanted a pump a lot sooner. She hasn't quite gotten into that "long-term" thinking yet. Nicki's doctor wanted her to be able to do everything related to her pump herself, so in preparation she started giving herself injections in her stomach. Her stomach was always her least favorite injection site, but she managed. This is why I think that to be successful, the child really needs to be self-motivated. She wanted to get the pump so much, that she was willing to learn and work to get it.

When our trainer came to our home to hook her up with saline, (Nicki wore the pump for a couple days before we went in the hospital to start on insulin) Nicki was hesitating as she was putting in the needle the first time. It is pretty intimidating, because the needle is a little longer than an injection needle. So our trainer said, "If you do it right away, your mom will do it too." I almost fainted. So, of course, Nicki stuck it right in, and then what could I do? I had to do it too. It was so hard, just to get over the mental hurdle of sticking myself in my stomach. I had done an injection in my leg before, but this was different. I finally did it, and I'm so glad I did, because once the set was in, I really couldn't feel it.

I have so much admiration for these kids and the things they go through and put up with. What brave, strong children we have! I call myself a 'pump evangelist' because it's been such a great thing for us. We still have highs and lows, but not nearly as much as before and we aren't slaves to the clock any more. I feel much less stress, and Nicki is so much happier.

Thanks again!


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