7 Year Old Michael

Michael was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 2 years old. From the beginning, his diabetes was not easy to control. He started with 2-3 shots per day, with ups and downs - from 30's & 40's to 400's to hi (over 600). His blood sugar even went as low as 17 !! Michael's AlC's were running between 10.5 - 14.5!!

After trying everything, we started traveling from Long Island, New York to Boston, Mass. to take Michael to Joslin Diabetes Center. He was doing a lot better, but his blood sugars were still very erratic. He was hospitalized a couple of times, the last "low" ended in a seizure.

January of 1999 at age 6, Michael started intensive insulin therapy - a shot of insulin at every meal. This regiment started interfering with his lifestyle -and interfering with Michael from being a regular kid. His blood sugars were still up and down - Going to 5-6 shots a day and still feeling horrible - this was not working - Michael missed 35 days of school the last quarter from February till June.

After about 6 months of 5-6 shots a day, we decided to speak with our doctors about the insulin pump. Although Michael was only 6 years old, our doctor decided to give the pump a try. WHAT A GREAT DECISION WE MADE - TO MICHAEL, HIS PUMP IS A CURE!!!!

Michael now enjoys school everyday, riding his bike, playing drums, playing hockey & baseball and is looking forward to camp. He is like a new child -The pump is definitely not for everyone - The Kids R Pumping website introduced children on insulin pumps to my husband and me and gave us the

Thanks to all of you who shared your stories about your children on the website! It was a great to our family!!

Carri Chicurel

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