13 Year Old Katie

My daughter Katie has a Minimed Pump and it changed our lives. She is 13yrs old and she was diagnosed at the age of 6yrs old. Her control is great. There are times which we are fustrated but with the pump its makes it much easier. Our A1C's which was in the 8 range is down to 6.7-7.2, which is great for a teen diabetic. Her friends are wonderful and they remind her to bolus at lunch. They take good card of her. As a mother with a diabetic child our life is always a worry. I feel like I'm the diabetic because that is my life always did you get tested, did you bolus, every three days changing the pump,when she is under the weather so am I. Never leave the house without your emergency bag, tester, juice for low's, enough strips ect,ect but that whats a mother for. My daughter is my life and I love very much and we do this together.

Katie's Mom

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