12 Year Old Jessie

Hi, my name is Jessie. I am 12 years old and I was diagnosed on Jan. 30th 1998. I've had diabetes for two years now. I went to Bearskin Meadow family camp the summer of '98 and kids camp the summer of '99. Going to camp was a great experience for me because some of my friends there had insulin pumps, even my counselors too. I asked them a couple of questions about it and they said that you get more freedom, get to sleep in, and skip meals. And I thought WOW this is great! Maybe I should try it. So when I got home from camp I told my mom about it and I said that I really wanted it. My mom got some information in the mail about it and she thought it was great too. My mom talked to my diabetes clinician and found some classes for me to go to. I went to the two training classes. During the second training class I had to put in the soft set/silhouette. I use the soft sets. I was scared at first to put in the needle, so I sat there for 45 minutes with the soft sorter in my hand against my stomach. Then after those 45 minutes I had the courage to push the button. I could not feel it! I didn't even know it was in after I pushed the button. So I got the pump in August 1999. And I LOVE IT! It has been great for me. No more shots only when I put the soft set in which is every 2 to 3 days. It's GREAT!

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