14 Year Old Jessica tells her thoughts on the pump

I got diabetes when I was in sixth grade, on September 11, 1997. I was only 11 years old at that time and for about three years my numbers ranged from the high forties to somewhere in the four hundreds. A lot of the time I felt out of it because my numbers were all over the place. In October of 1999 my parents suggested that I go on the insulin pump. Immediately I said NO. I just didn't like the idea of always be connected to something and having tubing hanging. They kept pushing the idea so I finally gave in and said I would try. We went for all of the classes and everything, by that time I sort of wanted the pump there were a lot of steps to it but if I would feel good on the pump than why not.

Well I started using the pump with insulin in it on December 27, 1999. That day was the day I started feeling great! After being on the pump for only three hours I LOVED it. I felt great and it is so much easier than shots and a lot less painful. I find the greatest advantage is when you go out to dinner you don't have to go to the bathroom at the restaurant to draw up your shot now all you have to do it hit a couple of buttons and your done. I have much better control and I feel like I felt before I had diabetes. The pump does have its downside but feeling better is more important.

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