Jacob Pumping at 23 months!

My son Jacob was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in February of 1999 at the tender age of 12 months. As most we were started on the ridged schedule of 2 to 4 shots a day and 4 to 6 finger pokes. Jacob was on 3 different insulins and we still could not get him anywhere near good control. After 9 frustrating months with this disease I finally said there has got to be something better. So like always I jumped on the internet and went surfing to find out more about the pump and if there was any other small toddlers on one. After reading a article about a 22 month old on the pump and reading stories from this web page I thought it could work for Jake. Now it was just convincing his doctor! I took all I had learned from my research to Jake's next appointment with his doctor. To my surprise and delight she said "let's try it." We have been fortunate to have a health insurance that has never denied Jacob any treatment as of yet. So we were so excited to get the pump approved for Jacob with out a fight. He has the Mini-Med 508 pump and I just love it as does he. We have been pumping only for a week but I can already see the up side. His blood sugars have been in better control than they have ever been and it is so easy to just punch in how much insulin he needs when he needs it. He can also eat when he wants and however much he wants. No more running after him begging him to eat. The pump is much more Mommy friendly!!! Ha, Ha.

The only advice I have to give anyone thinking of pumping is be persistent and don't give up. You know what is best for your child in the long run.

Jacob is pumping with diluted humalog or U 40. He is on extremely small doses since his little body is very sensitive to the insulin. He now can get more exact doses and even smaller amounts than he did before with the conventional treatment. I thank all the parents with small children on the pump for their inspiration. They were my drive to find Jacob a better treatment that would benefit him better in the long hull.

Rachel White, Jacob's Mom

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