Gaby Mejia's Story
(Told by his mom who loves and admires him so)

My little baby was diagnosed at 16 months. After six years of too many shots we were all ready to try something new. We first needed to convince our Doctor because he had not put any kids on the pump yet. But soon agreed and we were off. That was a year and half ago. (he is 8 1/2 now). His quality of life has improved so much. What I like the most about the pump is that we have the freedom to take it off when ever my son wants to. Several times when we are changing the site he will suggest that we put the new site on the next day. He has gone off the pump on several weekends and that is okay too. But through it all I take my hat off to him. He teaches me something new everyday with his positive attitude and strength. I have been blessed with two great children. All we need now is to help find the cure!!!!

Michelle Mejia

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