Erin's 12 and has the MiniMed Pump

Hi there !

My name is Erin and I have diabetes and I also have a insulin pump ! It's so much easier but you still have to control what you eat.   I mean ya still can't go out and be eating sundaes - you still have to use your head and say maybe I shouldn't eat this even though I can just put in the amount I need to ..well, when asked if I ever have a sundae, I have to be honest and say yes but for an occasional treat . The pump is not a cure it's a way of controlling your diabetes . But it is much easier than injections!!! It's so much better than pricking yourself with needles every time you have to eat !!! Don't let diabetes ruin your life it's not so bad ... Think of the worst things that could have happened to you like cancer or something as bad as that .... Diabetes really isn't that bad!!!

If you have any questions on the insulin pump or just want to talk e-mail me .....

Erin :)

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