Colleen Will "Pump" You Up!

It was nearly two decades ago, when a doctor walked in and explained to my family, that I was now a child with diabetes. At age three, life as I knew it to be, would now be far more different. My parents spent years trying to maintain, and control my glucose levels. Only then it was not by a finger stick. It was simply with a urine tests, that were not very accurate. I would dread the sight of that kit coming out of the cabinet. For I knew even as a child, that it meant the dreaded injection would soon follow.

As I grew older, the injections were not the problem any more. It was the need for independence, to run wild and carefree like kids and teenagers are supposed to be. It appeared that no matter how fast I ran, or where I tried to hide, diabetes was still there looking me in the face. My glucose levels were never normal, despite the best of effort. I always seemed to be all over the place, never leveling out for any moment of time. Mood swings, irritability, and lack of energy, were all constants in my life. I was as active through my school years, as I could be given that diabetes was a constant problem always weighing my life down.

It was not until the middle of my freshman year in college, that the angel of diabetes opened up her wings and swept me up. I had finally hit the rock bottom. I honestly thought I was going to die! The insulin pump was suggested and I absolutely refused! Change was not something I was a product of. It took several weeks, some very sly moves, and a considerable amount of convening, but I did go on the insulin pump despite all of my hesitations.

That was the beginning of my "New Life". I never knew how bad I had felt, until I felt so Wonderful! I was so very dead set against the insulin pump, because its concept scared me, but it is by far the best method of diabetic treatment! I would not trade my insulin pump for any amount of money in the world! My biggest regret is not utilizing the option sooner in the technological discovery. I wish they would have had insulin pumps when I was a child growing up with diabetes. ( I am envious of the technology that children with diabetes have today.) Reflecting back I feel that maybe with a pump, diabetes would not have altered my life so greatly. The insulin pump gives the freedom, to be, to do, and to become who you want to be. It is the Best!

The insulin pump changed my life. It changed my personality, attitudes, and outlooks on many different things. It inspired me to do many speaking presentations, work at several diabetic summer camps, written many articles, get involved in diabetes activities through out the community, and I am currently in the process of writing a book about my life with diabetes. I will part with any possession I may own, but I shall never part with my insulin pump! I live my life now as a person who has diabetes, not as a person who diabetes is controlling. The one thing for every person who has diabetes to remember is: You can win at Diabetes. It is a game of control, that with the right preparation, and a good frame of mind, is something that can be Beat!

Colleen Rossano
Insulin Pump User- 5 years, Person with diabetes for 20 years.

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