Carrie's Pump Story (Started Pumping at age 13)

April 8, 1999

I am Carrie and was diagnosed with Diabetes at 10 months old. It was always a struggle especially at sleep overs. My parents would have to drive over at 7:00 am for breakfast to give me my shot and I would have to go home before lunch so I could get my other shot for lunch and one more for dinner. Until I was 7 then I did it myself but they still worried. One week before my 14 B-Day last year I officially was turned loose with my pump. I love it!! I got to eat my cake and pizza and all of the other wonderful foods we had ( I especially liked being able to eat 5 s'mores!). I still love it and just having the satisfaction of knowing I should be fine wherever I am. If I had the choice I would definitely recommend the pump for Diabetics of practically any age! Go for it, you won't be sorry.

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