13 Year Old Carola's Pump Story

June 30, 2000

hey, my name is carola and i'm 13 years old. i got the pump in February 2000, and i'm very happy with it. i way diagnosed when i was 11, and was on shots for 2 years. i started out with 2 shots, and at the end i had more than 5 shots a day. my sugars were not too bad at first, it was 568 when i got in the hospital. i stayed 2 days in ICU, and 2 days in regular. then, after 2 years of shots, a normal morning blood sugar was around 500, and i really didn't feel good. so i heard about the pump, and told my parents. my doctor helped us get it and worked everything out. i've been on the pump for about 6 months now, and i love it.


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