12 Year Old Cadie

Cadie is now 12 years old. She was diagnosed on June 25th, 1988 with Type 1 Diabetes at the VERY young age of 9 1/2 months. She was the youngest patient that Children's Hospital of St. Paul, MN had seen. It was a challenge for "all of us!"

We have survived almost 12 years of 3 shots a day, 5-6 finger pokes per day and not so good blood sugars, and rigid schedules Last year Cadie's eye doctor had found some problems starting in her eyes. At that point we knew we had to do something to get a better handle on things. We made an appointment with her doctor at Children's Hospital and talked to them about the pump. Cadie has been on the pump since May of 1999! What a difference we have seen! She feels better, looks better and her sugars have drastically IMPROVED! Also, not to mention the "freedom" it has given her! We cannot say enough about the pump! For anyone who struggles with blood sugars and control like we did, Cadie says, "Start pumping!" These have been the best 8 months since the diagnosis!

Ann (Cadie's mom)
Stillwater, MN

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