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If you are not at home, and you run out of insulin, you can do the following. Disconnect, take the syringe out of the pump, take the tubing off of it, pull some air into the syringe, connect the tubing, prime (or bolus) until you see insulin coming out from the infusion set, reconnect, and that will keep you going for awhile.

Or, if you don't want to do that.....if you run out, (I haven't had to do this yet) have a syringe with you, withdraw insulin from the tubing and use MDI until you can get a refill.

Bubbles...hate em....still get em.....learning to live with them!

We do an increased basal rate for Erica when travelling long distances. We add an extra .1 per hour basal, starting about an hour prior to the trip. Otherwise, we find she keeps climbing, climbing and climbing with the total lack of activity in the car.

Don't be afraid to increase the basal rate if sugars just won't stay down. As long as you are still testing very frequently, it shouldn't be a worry. We have had to, on a few occasions, increase Erica's basal as much as .1/hr across the board for a few days/week at a time (regardless of where the infusion set is). I guess I have to attribute it to hormones or 'the black hole', but it eventually passes and we are back to regular basals.

Well, that is my little contribution. Hope it helps out!!


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