A Parent From Aol Writes
(Fifteen Year Old's Story)

My 15 year old son has been on a pump for two years now. Before that, everywhere we went, we carried syringes, insulin, etc., etc., etc., Now, he only carries his meter. His meal schedule is not so rigid anymore and he has more freedom in what he can eat. Also, no one has to know he is diabetic unless he chooses to tell them. He can sit at the table and administer his insulin just by pushing the buttons. The only problem we have once in a while is when travelling. Sometimes it sets off the security alarm. Once a security guard reached over and started to pull it out of his pocket. Now, I just stay real close by when we go through security.

One other thing, his blood sugars are in much better control now. He doesn't have the highs and lows like he used to.

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