7 Year Old Angela Loves Not Having Any More Shots!

I just have to share this story with you. My daughter, Angela has had diabetes for 3 years. She was on 2-3 shots per day using 3 different insulins and her blood sugars were very erratic. Angela is now almost 8 yrs old has been on the pump since March 9. She feels better, sleeps better and loves not having any more shots. Her last HbA1C was 9.2 and now, with only being on the pump for 6 weeks, it's down to 8.1 already. We are thrilled, like we are coming out of a bubble and are free!! When Angela received her own pump, before we were using a loaner. She greeting the Fed Ex delivery man with the biggest smile.

Anyway, today Angela had her physical with her pediatrician, Dr. Murphy. During the physical Angela said she felt low and proceeded to get her meter and check her BG. Both Dr. Murphy and the med student who was with her were just amazed that Angela could tell when she felt low did her BG by herself. Angela was low and asked me for a juice and said to the Drs "the juice brings me right up so I feel better" Angela then told them about her pump and showed them her site and talked about not having shots anymore. They were sitting there with their mouths open--Dr. Murphy then was telling me when she received the letter from Angela's endo about the pump, she read all the information, the basal rates and formulas to calculate doses and she was beginning to wonder if the pump was really better, could kids and their parents do this--all the numbers overwhelmed her. But she said after talking to Angela and I--she is a believer!! She thinks it is so great that Angela takes charge of her diabetes and I think I take that for granted because she has been doing her own BGs practically since she was diagnosed at almost 5 yrs old. Angela is my little wonder woman. I thought you would love to hear about another pediatrician learning about our pump kids! We are from Rochester, NY.


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